This glass can take a beating.


9H Rating
This Tempered Glass screen protector has a 9H hardness rating, which means it’s highly shock and scratch resistant. Perfect for shielding your tablet’s screen against damage Additionally it is also smudge resistant, while still being 100% touch sensitive!



Your shield against damage.


Shock, Scratch & Smudge Resistant
This Strong Gecko Tempered glass protects your Tablet against shocks, scratches and smudges, so you can continue to use your Tablet carefree.






Protection that you hardly notice.


100% Touch Sensitive
You will hardly notice when the hardened glass has been applied to your device. The use of your laptop will not be prevented by the screen protector. The Tempered glass is completely touch sensitive.




Easy to apply yourself.


Easy to install
It’s very easy to install on your tablet by simply following the step-by-step explanation. Everything you need comes included in the box.