Fits both you and your device.


Tailor Made
Every Limited cover is tailor made and fitted with special click-in corners to ensure a perfect fit.



Design and material are perfectly aligned.


Genuine Leather
The Limited covers are made from high-quality genuine leather. Every corner is finished to the smallest detail. The covers are designed and developed with care to bring you pleasure when using them. A fun fact: each cover is unique because of the material used.






If only everything in life was that easy.


Wake up/Sleep technique
Through the Wake up / Sleep function your tablet will automatically go to sleep when the cover is closed. Because of this you never have to worry about accidentally leaving your device on.




Hidden storage space for what cannot be stored digitally.


Storage Pocket
With the integrated storage compartment, you can easily carry notes, pens or other items with you.

The smartphone covers have an integrated card holder on the back, which has two slots that fit seamlessly into the design of the cover. The result is an elegant and smart package that allows you to take your essential cards with you wherever you go.






Watch your favorite movie in horizontal mode.


Stand Function
Presenting something at work or simply watching a video? The Limited Covers have a handy Stand Function. This allows you to easily place your Tablet horizontally without having to use your hands as a stand


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“Really fast shipment! I ordered my cover on thursday and it arrived on monday in Spain!”
- Patricia Garcia M.

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