Universal Stand cover tablet 7’’/8’’ MarrónU1T1C3

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The elegant Universal Stand cover offers outstanding protection to all 7" and 8" e-readers and tablets with a maximum size of 210x135x10mm. Plus this multipurpose protective cover has unique features that vastly improve the use of your device.Strong elastic corners firmly hold the device in the cover. This makes the protective cover suitable for various sorts of 7" and 8" e-readers and tablets while keeping the device firmly secured. It also means that all the e-reader’s or tablet's openings and buttons can be easily accessed. With its 360? twist design, the cover can be placed both horizontally and vertically in various positions. This means you can make optimum use of your device in different situations. The inside of the cover is velvet covered and the cover closes with an elastic fastening. This provides protection for the device’s screen and means the cover can't open unexpectedly, for example when being carried in a bag.

U1T1C3 - Universal Stand cover tablet 7’’/8’’ Marrón

€ 19,95
1-3 business days1-2 weeks

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“Really fast shipment! I ordered my cover on thursday and it arrived on monday in Spain!”
- Patricia Garcia M.

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