Universal Laptop Zipper sleeve Azul 13 inchZSL13C2

€ 19,95
1 month1-3 business days1-2 weeks

The handy Universal Zipper Sleeve is an ideal way of protecting an laptop on the go. Its compactly designed sleeve fits securely round the laptop and will also fit easily into any bag or case.

High-quality materials
The unique combination of strong canvas on the outside and soft, pliable neoprene on the inside already provides excellent protection. In addition to which, the reinforced lining offers extra protection to all sides of the laptop.

Reliable closure
The Laptop sleeve has a smooth action zip closure. The zip cannot possibly scratch or damage your laptop, thanks to an additional protective layer on the inside of the sleeve. This double zip also allows you to charge your laptop safely without removing it from the sleeve.

ZSL13C2 - Universal Laptop Zipper sleeve Azul 13 inch

€ 19,95
1 month1-3 business days1-2 weeks

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“Really fast shipment! I ordered my cover on thursday and it arrived on monday in Spain!”
- Patricia Garcia M.

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