Gecko is all about simplicity.

We love to keep it simple. That's why we only offer simple covers made of high quality materials.

With years of experience in the field of protection and design, Gecko Covers has been paving the way. Offering a unique range of high quality covers for tablets, e-readers, laptops and smartphones. 

We design the covers in-house and only release them when the design fully meets the Gecko standards. All covers therefore have the same Gecko quality that you have been used to for years.

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Simply the best
possible materials.

We only use material of which the quality has been proven to last. This makes our products sustainable and consistent. All covers are tested and meet the Gecko standards.




Simply useful


Unique features
We've got you covered! Each cover has features that are made to improve the ease of use of your device. From a stand function or auto wake-up/sleep function, to a bluetooth keyboard for your tablet.





Down to the
smalles detail.


Tailor made
Gecko covers are tailor made. What makes our covers unique is the excellent finish down to the smallest details. This not only gives the covers a sleek appearance, but also protects your device like it’s supposed to.






Gecko covers,
for everyone.


Dutch design
We develop our products in all the basic colors, as well as a wide array of unique colors to make your device stand out. All designs, colors and materials have been carefully thought out by our team in The Netherlands.


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