V11T48C1Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7'' (2016) Easy-click cover Black

Easy_Click_Samsung_TabA7.0_staand_iets_open V11T48C1-1Easy_Click_Samsung_TabA7.0_staand_iets_open V11T48C1-1Easy_Click_Samsung_TabA7.0_opgezet_voorzijde_1-V11T48C1Easy_click_Samsung_TabA7.0_liggend_klep_onder-V11T48C1Easy_click_Samsung_TabA7.0_detail_open-V11T48C1Easy_click_Samsung_TabA7.0_detail_logo-V11T48C1Easy_Click_Samsung_TabA7.0_staand_voorzijde-V11T48C1Easy_Click_Samsung_TabA7.0_staand_achterzijde-V11T48C1Easy_Click_Samsung_TabA7.0_opgezet_voorzijde_4-V11T48C1Easy_Click_Samsung_TabA7.0_opgezet_voorzijde_3-V11T48C1Easy_Click_Samsung_TabA7.0_opgezet_voorzijde_2-V11T48C1Easy_click_Samsung_TabA7.0_liggend_open-V11T48C1
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  • Perfect fit
  • Auto Wake-Up/Sleep function
  • Magnetic fastening
  • Compact design

About the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7'' (2016) Easy-click cover Black

Are you looking for a cover that is both attractive and convenient? With this Easy-Click cover, Gecko Covers has introduced a new line of protective covers which, besides offering excellent protection, are also very easy to use.Ultimate protectionIn effect, you simply click your tablet into a hard plastic case. This is made to measure so your tablet will never fall out. Optimal ease of useThanks to the ideally positioned magnet in the case, your tablet's wake-up/sleep function will work automatically. The cover also has all the appropriate openings to allow easy access to the various ports on the Tab A 7.0. The camera can therefore be used without removing the tablet from the cover, for example. The cover can also be used in different positions, enabling you to use your tablet optimally in countless situations.

Stand function

Sleek design

Perfect fit

top class materials

Auto waku up sleep function

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