V11T72C1-ZPRE-ORDER! Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4" (2020) Keyboard Cover QWERTZ

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  • Bluetooth 5.0 Keyboard
  • USB-C charging
  • Sleek and portable cover
  • Magnetic kick-stand

About the PRE-ORDER! Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4" (2020) Keyboard Cover QWERTZ

This Keyboard Cover is designed to be sleek and portable, while also offering excellent protection against damage and scratches. The high quality Bluetooth Keyboard makes this a great all-round cover.

Bluetooth keyboard
Inside the cover you’ll find a magnetically detachable Bluetooth 5.0 Keyboard that makes typing on your tablet a true pleasure. On a full battery the keyboard can be used for up to 100 hours. Once it’s empty it can be easily recharged via USB-C.

Sleek design
The cover has a clever, built-in magnetic kick-stand that ensures you have a perfect viewing angle while using your tablet. Your tablet is secured in place by clicking it into a strong, tailor-made shell. This means the cover is not only practical and sleek, but also offers excellent protection.

All ports, buttons, and the camera can be easily used thanks to specifically designed cut outs and openings. When you’re not using the tablet, a magnetic latch will make sure the cover stays closed.

Outer material PU leather
Inner material Velours
Fastening Click-in system
Cover size 250 x 170 x 20 mm
Weight 270g
Colour Black
EAN 8720195091318
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