Apple iPad (2017/2018) Keyboard cover 2-in-1(QWERTY) GreyV10T40C8

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The Keyboard case for Apple iPad opens up a world of possibilities. This is a cover that not only protects, but even improves your iPad! Besides offering excellent protection, the cover has a number of extremely handy characteristics. 

2-in-1 protection
The cover has a strong, tailor-made plastic 'case' into which the iPad is clicked as it were. This removable case is attached by means of a magnet to the cover. This allows you to make optimal use of your table in various situations. Thus your iPad is always well protected for example even when you are not using the keyboard.

Bluetooth keyboard
Another unique feature of the cover is the full-fledged keyboard that is attached to it. This is linked through Bluetooth to your iPad. With the keyboard you can operate your tablet faster and more easily. Really user-friendWith the magnet positioned in just the right spot in the cover, your iPad's wake-up/sleep function works automatically. In addition the cover has all the necessary openings so that the plug socket and the various iPad buttons are easy to reach. That means with the cover on all the buttons can be easily accessed and the iPad can be charged.

Serial number tablet A1893 - A1954 - A1822 - A1823

V10T40C8 - Apple iPad (2017/2018) Keyboard cover 2-in-1(QWERTY) Grey

€ 79,95
Yes1-3 business days1-2 weeks

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- Patricia Garcia M.

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