Apple iPhone XS Max Back Cover Bounce 3m BlackB1T8C1

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The ‘Bounce 3m’ back cover offers the ultimate protection an iPhone may need. This ‘Bounce’ cover makes sure your smartphone can take a punch and even survive a drop of up to 3 metres without any problems.Shock-absorbing materialsThe ‘Bounce’ back cover provides your iPhone with 360º protection through G3 shock technology. The back consists of a hard material (G1), which protects the smartphone against scratches and reinforces the cover. The transparent TPU edge (G2) consists of a soft but solid material, providing flexibility and protection during a fall. The black material in the edge of the cover (G3) absorbs shocks and also ensures that your smartphone will stay firmly in the cover, even when it falls. G1, G2, G33-layer protectionG1 – Hard material for basic scratch protectionG2 – A strong TPU with a unique compositionG3 – Shock-absorbing cushionWell thought-out designThe combination of these 3 materials ensures that the Apple iPhone XS Max back cover ‘Bounce’ provides your smartphone with the ultimate protection in a compact size. Furthermore, the combination of flexible material and perfectly formed openings ensures that you can easily use all keys on the side of your iPhone.

B1T8C1 - Apple iPhone XS Max Back Cover Bounce 3m Black

€ 19,95
No1-3 business days1-2 weeks

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