SCRV10T52Apple iPad 10,2 (2019/2020) Screen Protector

SCRV10T52 - Apple iPad 10,2 (2019) Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorSCRV10T52 - Apple iPad 10,2 (2019) Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorSCRV10Txx-5SCRV10T52-2SCRV10T52-1SCR side view-5
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  • 9H Tempered Glass
  • Shock, Scratch & Smudge Resistant
  • 100% Touch Sensitive
  • Easy to install

About the Apple iPad 10,2 (2019/2020) Screen Protector

The most important part of a tablet is its screen. Whether you watch videos, browse the web, or play games - the main way you interact with your device is through that large touchscreen. If your tablet is in your bag or laying around the house, there’s a risk the screen might get scratched or damaged.

Genuine glass - Ultimate protection
This Tempered Glass screen protector has a 9H hardness rating, which means it’s highly shock and scratch resistant. Perfect for shielding your tablet’s screen against damage Additionally it is also smudge resistant, while still being 100% touch sensitive!

Easy installation
It’s very easy to install on your tablet by simply following the step-by-step explanation. Everything you need comes included in the box!

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