V4T55C4Kobo Nia Easy-Click cover Red

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  • Stand function
  • Perfect fit
  • Wake-up/sleep function

About the Kobo Nia Easy-Click cover Red

This Easy-Click 2.0 cover has been fully re-designed to be even thinner than before, without compromising on the protection of your e-reader. Thanks to the perfect fit you can simply click your e-reader into the strong plastic shell, which will secure it in place to protect your e-reader from damage.

The cover features different stand positions, to make sure you always have the best viewing angle in any situation. The inclusion of an auto wake/sleep function means you’ll never have to worry about turning the screen on or off again – the cover automatically does that for you when you open or close it.

The cover has all the appropriate openings to allow easy access to the various ports and buttons on your e-reader. The camera can therefore also be used without removing the e-reader from the cover.





Outer material Fabric
Inner material Velours, PC shell
Fastening Click-in system
Cover size 160 x 118 x 15mm
Weight 111 grams
Colour Red
EAN 8720195091356
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