V4T54C1Kobo Forma Slimfit cover

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  • Perfect fit
  • Auto Wake-Up/Sleep function
  • Magnetic fastening
  • Campact design

About the Kobo Forma Slimfit cover

The Slimfit case fits your e-reader like a second skin. This compact cover is no larger than the e-reader itself, making it conveniently portable. Besides offering excellent protection, the Slimifit is also very attractive.

Ultimate protection
The cover consists of a hard plastic case you can simply click your e-reader into. This case is made to measure for the Kobo Forma so it will fit your e-reader perfectly. It also has a strong magnetic fastening ensuring it will never just accidentally open, in your bag for instance.

Optimal ease of use
Thanks to the ideally positioned magnet in the case, your e-reader's wake-up/sleep function will work automatically. The cover also has all the appropriate openings for easy access to the various ports and buttons on your e-reader.





Outer material PU leather
Inner material Velours
Fastening Click-in system
Cover size 18 x 16.5 x 1.3 cm
Weight 157 grams
Colour Black
EAN 8718969057707
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