Kobo Clara HD Stand Cover BlackV4T52C1

€ 29,95
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Protect your Kobo Clara HD with a Gecko Covers Stand cover. The strong Stand cover is easy to use and offers excellent protection.

Ultimate protection
The Stand cover has a holder on the inside, into which you can simply slide and click the e-reader. This interior holder protects the whole frame of your e-reader. The cover is made to measure so it will fit your e-reader perfectly. It also has a strong clip closure, ensuring it will never just accidentally open in your bag for example.

Optimal ease of use
The stand function of the cover means you can position your e-reader for perfect reading comfort. Furthermore, the integrated magnet in the case makes sure your e-reader's wake-up/sleep function will work automatically. The cover also has all the appropriate openings for easy access to the various ports and buttons on your e-reader. This makes it easy to switch the e-reader on/off or recharge it while it is the cover. 

Outer material Imitation PU leather
Inner material Velours
Fastening Slide and Click
Cover size 11 x 16,3 x 1,8 cm
Weight 114 grams

V4T52C1 - Kobo Clara HD Stand Cover Black

€ 29,95
Yes1-3 business days1-2 weeks

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“Really fast shipment! I ordered my cover on thursday and it arrived on monday in Spain!”
- Patricia Garcia M.

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