MCPRN13C20Macbook Pro 13'' (2016-2017) Cover Blue

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  • Perfect fit
  • Dual protection
  • Openings for connectors

About the Macbook Pro 13'' (2016-2017) Cover Blue

Protect your MacBook Pro 13" (2016/2017) with a unique cover from Gecko Covers!

A MacBook is a precious possession that’s in daily use, and to prevent it being damaged it is important to protect it in the correct manner. All protective covers from Gecko Covers are tailor-made, which means that this Clip-on cover fits your MacBook perfectly.

Optimal protection
The two-part Clip-on cover is made of polycarbonate - this tough plastic will never break. The cover has been designed so that both the top and bottom of your laptop are protected in a practical and elegant manner. The Apple logo is also still visible through the cover.

Beautiful design goes hand in hand with functionality. All inputs and buttons on the MacBook are accessible and can be used. Additionally, the ventilation necessary to avoid the MacBook overheating has also been taken into account in the design of the bottom section. All of these features ensure that this eyecatching case is like a second skin for your MacBook and never needs to be removed when you want to use your laptop.

Outer material PC
Inner material PC
Fastening Click-in system
Cover size 31,0 x 21,5 x 1,5 cm
Weight 290 grams
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