Who are Gecko Covers?

At Gecko Covers, we work with an enthusiastic team of young people on the development and sale of protective covers and accessories for e-readers, tablets and MacBook laptops.

We are proud to say that Gecko Covers stands for more than just a collection of protective covers. By actually making our own designs, a Gecko cover gets its own character. We are a brand!

We distinguish through contemporary and thoughtful designs. Under the motto ‘appearance does matter’ we combine excellent protection with unique materials and functional designs. Colour plays an important role; this is reflected in every product line.


Why the name Gecko Covers?

We can hear you think: why choose an animal that only resides in warm areas and eats insects? And what does the Gecko have to do with e-readers, tablets and protective covers? At first glance, not much. But looks can be deceiving!

Geckos hugely vary in form, colour and size, which also applies to our protective covers. Moreover, a Gecko is considered as one who brings happiness. A quality which always comes in handy.

The name Gecko Covers emerged when we were looking for a fun and cheerful name that would best characterise our protective covers.

But seriously: for us the Gecko is mainly a fun reptile that we print in all our protective covers. It also shows that you are dealing with an original Gecko Cover.

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“Really fast shipment! I ordered my cover on thursday and it arrived on monday in Spain!”
- Patricia Garcia M.

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