V4T48C1Kobo Aura One cover Luxe waterproof Schwarz

Kobo Aura One rechtop bijna dicht van voren gat lichtsensorKobo Aura One rechtop bijna dicht van voren gat lichtsensorV4T48C1-(4)V4T48C1-(5)V4T48C1-(6)V4T48C1-(2)V4T48C1-(2)
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  • Kompaktes Design
  • Automatische Aufwach-/Schlummerfunktion
  • Perfekte Passform

About the Kobo Aura One cover Luxe waterproof Schwarz

Protect your Kobo Aura One with a luxury Gecko Covers Luxe cover. The strong Luxe cover is easy to use and offers excellent protection.

All the materials used to make the cover are waterproof so contact with water will not damage it. The outside is made of high-quality imitation leather, giving the cover a stylish look.

Ultimate protection
The Luxe cover has a holder on the inside, into which you can simply slide the e-reader. This interior holder protects the whole frame of your e-reader. The cover is made to measure so it will fit your e-reader perfectly. It also has a strong magnetic fastening ensuring it will never just accidentally open, in your bag for instance.

Optimal ease of use
Thanks to the ideally positioned magnet in the case, your e-reader's wake-up/sleep function will work automatically. The cover also has all the appropriate openings for easy access to the various ports and buttons on your e-reader. This makes it easy to switch the e-reader on/off, use the light sensor that automatically changes the brightness level or recharge it while it is inside the cover.





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