At Gecko Covers, we decided to go green! We work to minimize our environmental impact during production and transport as much as possible. We started by making the packaging of our products more sustainable. We are also making our products more sustainable by using recycled materials for our recently released and new products. These are huge steps towards a more sustainable future for us all.  

Plastic replaced by recycled GRS plastic in packaging 

In the packaging of our products, we have replaced the opening, inlay and viewing window with recycled cardboard. Only the hook used to hang the products in stores, is still made of plastic. But we replaced this ‘regular’ plastic with recycled GRS-labelled plastic and the hook weighs only 3 grams.  

This GRS label is being issued by an independent third party that applies a number of strict criteria. This voluntary organization has as a main purpose to increase the use of recycled materials and connect different parties all over the world.  

Replacing black ink with a lighter colour 

We replaced the black ink on our packaging with a lighter colour. We also created a more clean design without unnecessary additions on the packaging. As a result, less ink is needed on a single package and its use is reduced by as much as 60%.  

Compact packaging 

We made our packaging much smaller and removed all that’s unnecessary. There is no more vacant space, so no need for extra padding to protect the products during transport. This way, we reduce the amount of materials used for packaging. By making our packaging more compact, we are also able to carry more products during one transport, thus significantly reducing our emissions.  


Durable and Sustainable materials for Eco Sleeves 

For Gecko’s newest Universal Eco Zipper Sleeves, we made the conscious decision to use durable and sustainable materials. The plastics that are used, are all recycled GRS plastics.  

The fabrics we use, are also sustainable. A minimum of 3.5 PET bottles are processed into fabric for each sleeve. PET bottles are made from polyester fibres, which are equal to fabrics. Because of this, recycled PET bottles can be grinded into grains and transformed into threads. These threads are then woven into fabric. A sustainable way to make Eco Sleeves that feel great! 

Thanks to the Aeroprotective Foam Technology and high quality water-repellent materials, the Eco Sleeve protects your laptop under severe circumstances. The storage compartment gives you easy access to your mouse, notebook or charging cable. The retractable carry handle, makes your life easier.  

The Future is Green  

At Gecko Covers, we are moving towards a green future! All our recently released and upcoming products will be made from sustainable materials. The team is excited to work on the new eco-friendly products, and to continue down the road to sustainability. Leading the way towards a more sustainable future! 


Introducing Gecko Covers: Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future with Eco Zipper Sleeves! 

Prepare to be blown away by Gecko Covers' incredible transformation as they embark on a thrilling journey towards a greener, more sustainable world. With every step they take, they're leaving a trail of eco-consciousness. It is revolutionizing the way we think about packaging and product materials. 

Packaging with recycled materials 

First on their list was a packaging overhaul. Say goodbye to excessive plastic waste! Gecko Covers has replaced the majority of plastic in their packaging with recycled cardboard. From the inlay to the package-opening and viewing window, all are now crafted from sustainable materials. But don't worry, they haven't forgotten about that plastic hook which is used to hang the product in stores. They've given it a makeover too, using only recycled GRS-labelled plastic that weighs only 3 grams. Impressive, right? This GRS-shift is supported by an independent third-party organization that champions the use of recycled materials, connecting like-minded parties worldwide. 

Reducing ink on the packaging 

But Gecko Covers didn't stop there. They're breaking boundaries by rethinking the ink on their packaging. Out with the black and in with a lighter palette! By making this change, they've managed to reduce ink usage by a whopping 60%. That's not just a reduction in waste; it's a splash of creativity that's transforming their packaging into eye-catching works of art. 

Compact packaging 

Size matters, especially when it comes to packaging. Gecko Covers knows this all too well. They've condensed their packaging, eliminating all unnecessary space and padding. It's a genius move that not only minimizes material usage but also allows for more products to be transported in a single trip. That means fewer emissions, less impact on the environment, and a more efficient way of doing business. Talk about thinking outside the box—literally! 

Universal Eco Zipper Sleeves 

Now, let's talk about their latest and greatest creation: the Universal Eco Zipper Sleeves. Brace yourself for the ultimate blend of durability and sustainability. Gecko Covers has made a conscious decision to use recycled GRS plastics, ensuring that their products make a positive impact on the planet. With Aeroprotective Foam Technology and high-quality water-repellent materials, these Eco Sleeves are like superheroes for your laptop, shielding it from the harshest of conditions. 

Recycled PET bottles 

But wait, there's more! The fabrics used in these Eco Sleeves are as eco-friendly as can be. Imagine this: for every single sleeve, a minimum of 3.5 PET bottles is transformed into fabric. These bottles, made from polyester fibres just like fabrics, undergo a magical process of grinding and weaving, resulting in threads that are then woven into the most sustainable, feel-good fabric you can imagine. 

Gecko Covers Goes Green 

Gecko Covers is blazing a trail towards a green future, and they're inviting you to join the revolution. By embracing sustainable practices, innovative materials, and a passion for environmental consciousness, they're transforming the world of technology accessories. So buckle up and get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure with Gecko Covers, where style meets sustainability and the future looks brighter than ever before!