Slimfit protection cover suitable for Tolino Vision 3 HD

suitable for Tolino Vision 3 HD

If you are looking for an elegant protection cover, suitable for the Tolino Vision 3 HD, that doesn't take up any space and hardly adds weight. Avoid scratches or a broken screen!

  • ‘Click-in’ mechanism makes this cover a second skin for your Aura.
  • Switches on/off automatically due to built in ‘wake-up/sleep’ mode.
  • According to European guidelines we offer two years warranty.
  • Do you prefer not to have any straps or other material on your e-reader frame? Then this is the ideal cover for you!

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Are you looking for a protection cover which easily fits in your purse or bag? With this Slimfit cover, we are introducing a new line of protective cases. The Slimfit case has beautiful looks and protects even better.


Your Tolino Vision 3 HD e-reader can easily be ‘clicked-in’ in the plastic shell. The case is tailor-made for the Tolino Vision 3 HD e-reader, which makes it impossible for the device to fall out of its case.


The inside of the cover is coated with velours, whereas the outside is covered with high quality faux leather. The soft velours inside protects the screen of the Tolino Vision 3 HD against unwanted scratches. Our Tolino Vision Slimfit cover weighs only 100 grams and closes by means of a flat magnet attached to a short faux leather loop. This way the case stays thin as it is. This Gecko Cover is available in 6 colours.

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Slimfit protection cover suitable for Tolino Vision 3 HD
E-reader type suitable for Tolino Vision 3 HD
Material outside High-quality faux leather
Material inside Velvet
Securing method 'Click-in'-system
Closing Loop with a flat magnet
Size device (L x W x H) 16,3 x 11,4 x 0,81 cm
Weight 100 grams
Condition new
Product type Cover


    People take care of all the steps in our production process

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Slimfit protection cover suitable for Tolino Vision 3 HD

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