Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 cover made by Gecko Covers

The new Galaxy Tab S2 will probably be the biggest competitor of the iPad Air 2. Both tablets are known for their remarkable benefits such as the long battery life, being extremely thin and the great screen with the heigh resolution. With this new Samsungs Galaxy Tab S2 Saumgs tries to become the new marketleader and is definately a worthy comptitor of Apple’s iPad.

Protect your tablet with a Gecko cover

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has a 8 inch screen. Due to the fact that the Tab S2 is extremely thin, this tablet is easy to take with you. Unfortunately this advantage makes the tablet very fragile at the same time. A Gecko cover protect you vulnurable screen from scratches, dust and dirt while you take your tablet with you. When you carry the tablet in you purse you would not want your keys to damage the tablet. Our Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 cover protector your tablet against unwanted damage!

Gecko Design

We have designed a Slimfit cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tav S2. This thin cover will barely use any more space in your bag. You can easily clcik the tablet in the case, this makes sure your tablet will never fall our of the protection case. Moreover, the casehas a stand function, which means you can place your tablet in several positions. This is extremele usefull when you want to watch a movie or make a skype call for example. Our Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 case does not only protect you tablet, it is also very elegant. The trendy design will make your tablet an eye catcher!

Galaxy Tab S2 Accessoires

Gecko Covers offers several accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 . If you would rather use your tablet without a cover, but still want it protected when you do not use it and for example carry it in your bag, you might be intereseted in our felt Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 sleeve. Besides, we have some chargers tablet chargers. These are very usefull to bring while traveling to make sure your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 never runs out of battery!

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