Covers for Microsoft Surface 3

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In May 2015 the Surface 3 has finally been released. It looks a lot like a smaller version of the Surface Pro 3, but is a tablet in the Surface series, and not in the Surface Pro series. The Surface 3 is sold including a magnetic keyboard, which means you can use it as a tablet and as a laptop. This new Microsoft tablet is very lightweight and thin, which ensures you can take it with you everywhere you go. The cover for Microsoft Surface 3 that we designed, protects both your tablet and your keyboard. With this cover you’ll never have to think twice about taking your tablet somewhere ever again!

This tablet comes with complete Windows installation, which is a new feature in the Surface-series. The earlier versions had Windows RT pre-installed, this one will come with a full-blown version of Windows 8, which can be updated for free to Windows 10 when this OS is available. Another new aspect of this tablet is that the Surface 3 can be used in various positions. The cover that we tailor-made for this tablet, supports all the positions, and doesn’t limit your tablet in any way. You can even charge your tablets and use all plug-ins while it’s in the case.

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