Covers for Apple iPad Pro 9.7

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Apple iPad Mini 4 cases made by Gecko Covers

In spring 2016 Apple launched a new version of the iPad; the iPad Pro. With its 9.7" screen the iPad Pro is the second member of the Apple iPad Pro family. Special about this iPad is the screen with its high resolution and big reach of colors. Besides the perfection of the screen, the audio of this iPad is supposed to be great as well.

Protect your Apple iPad Mini 4 with Gecko cover

As an iPad is a costly device it is important to make sure it is well protected. The costs of repairing an iPad can rise up high very quickly. It would be better to prevent damage by using a high-quality cover to protect your iPad Mini 4.

Gecko Design

The Easy-click cover keeps this ultra-thin tablet as thin as it is, while protecting your iPad.

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