Hoesjes voor de Apple iPad 2/3/4

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Apple iPad 2/3/4 protection cases by Gecko Covers

Gecko Covers offers a wide range of covers, cases and sleeves for Apple iPads. Thus also for the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4. As these three iPads have the exact same size, we offer one cover for the three different devices. h3>Protect your Apple Ipad 2/3/4 with a Gecko cover An iPad is a costly device, and that is the reason why it has to be well protected. It is better to prevent damage, than having to pay a crazy high amount of repairing costs. Protect your iPad with a practical cover from Gecko Covers. This cover protects from dust, a broken screen and scratches

Gecko Design

The Slimfit cover keeps this ultra-thin tablet as thin as it is, while protecting your iPad. The outside of the covers is made from high-quality PU leather, whilst the inside is covered with velours to protect the screen from scratches.

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