Covers for Samsung Galaxy A3

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Samsung will introduce a new series of smartphones this year: the Samsung Galaxy A-series. This series will be noticeably different from the well-known Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note-series, and in fact reminds us more of the Samsung Alpha phones. The two new smartphones that Samsung introduces both have an exterior completely manufactured out of metal. The A3 and A5 are both a lot slimmer than the phones Samsung manufactured before. The A3 is the smallest phone of the two, with its 4,5” screen. This elegant phone was designed mostly for young and trendy customers. The A3 is available in various colors, as are our covers for the Samsung Galaxy A3. Our phone case protects the A3 where it is most needed; the cover prevents your display from getting scratched or cracked. When designing our so-called wallet covers, of course we thought about the wishes of our customers. That’s why we designed a thin, but robust cover for the A3. The cover is available in different colors that match your phone. You can also use this case as a wallet. This way, you can slim your pockets and keep all your important cards together!

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