Covers for the Microsoft Lumia 950

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Microsoft Lumia 950 cover

Besides the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, Microsoft also launched the Microsoft Lumia 640. The specifics of the two phones are quite similar, but there is one big difference on the outside; the screen of the 640 XL is bigger (hence the name).

What makes the Microsoft 950 so special?

Compared to its predecessor, the apps of Lumia 950 are better categorized. Furthermore, the quality of the camera has impoved enormously and the duration of the battery is much better.

Protect your Microsoft Lumia 950 with a case made by Gecko Covers

We designed a Gecko Cover that fits this Lumia 950 perfectly. With our Classic Slimfit Case you will be able to use all the new functionalities of the Lumia, whilst protecting your phone. Even though the cover is slender and tight, the cover still offers optimal protection! Check out our Classic Slimfit cover here, the perfect match for your Microsoft Lumia 950!

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