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Microsoft is started with selling smartphones. The popular Lumia serie consists of powerful smartphones with a good price. The windows phones are easy to work with because they can easily connect with other windows devices.

Lumia covers

Gecko Covers offers at this moment covers for the Lumia 640, 640XL and the 535. The quality of the Lumia covers are very high. The material that we use for the covers is high quality PU-leather. The covers need to protect the fragile smartphones of today. If you drop your phone, your screen gets broken easily. When your screen is broken it cost a lot of money to repair. A Gecko Cover is protective but also stylish. If you don’t want a cover for your phone, you can choose for an (almost invisible) screen protector to protect your screen. This will prevents that your screen is full of scratches. When you buy a new smartphone you always get just one charger, an extra charger could be very useful for example on your work. Gecko Covers has an own USB charger and micro-USB cable. These products are just as good as the original chargers/cables.

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