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You often take your e-reader or tablet with you when you travel. The screen is vulnerable in your bag. Your house keys will not be the first to cause scratches.

Gecko protective covers are stylish, colourful and made of premium materials. Yet our priority is always to offer good protection.

A screen repair will easily set you back €100, a Gecko Cover only costs you a quarter of this amount. Naturally, our distinctiveness is not only reflected in the price.


... is also in our use of materials. Our cowhide leather design has a great vintage look. It is all about the ‘book feeling’ again!

Made on a ‘mould’

A centrepiece of the collection is the Gecko Slimfit. Made from a mould specifically developed by us, the case is made with millimetre precision.

Finished with care

Next, (imitation) leather is stretched over the cover. This is skilful handcraft. This gives each Slimfit case an authentic ‘look and feel’.

Our attention to detail

A good example: we have made room for the stylus of the Sony PRS-T2.

Tablet ‘Top Gun’

The Gecko tablet cover excels simplicity and functionality. Here too, we have created a slimfit design with a specially made mould, but now for different tablets.

This has been well thought out. Due to the handy click-in system, the cover can be used in various multimedia positions.

We have moved away from ‘just black’ and now we even line the inside of our protective covers with colour. As an extra bonus, the soft velours protects very well against scratches.

Colour is important

Customise your MacBook with one of our 7 funky colours, and prevent scratches on the outside. Our design consists of two parts, a bottom part and a top part.

It has been designed in such a way, that both sides of your MacBook are protected in a practical and elegant way.

Second skin

This ‘cool’ case is like a second skin for your MacBook and therefore never has to be removed when you want to use the laptop

Cowhide leather

For us, real leather is real leather. See our 'Trial by Fire’ on YouTube.

PU leather

High quality imitation leather, easy to clean with water and a cloth.


MacBook protective covers in 7 spectacular colours. The apple shines right through!


    The inside of our protective covers is often lined with velours. This prevents scratches on the screen.

Do you prefer to read without protective cover

... but you are looking for protection when you are travelling, for example?

Then we have a very functional sleeve for you in our range. It is available in 7 versions, including two sleeves of cowhide leather and a denim/jeans fabric version.

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