A close-up of our designing process

A Gecko protective cover emerges at the design table in the heart of The Netherlands. One of the most important parts of the design process is to determine the material. Shall we opt for imitation leather, canvas or for real cowhide leather with a ‘vintage’ look?

We are sometimes brainstorming for hours to determine the right combination of material, colour and design.

After several sketches, the first design is drawn. From this, often several prototypes are made. Then the most important moment what design will it be?!?! Through the Facebook page we ask our ‘Gecko Lovers’ their opinion. This is handy when we have to determine the colours or to come up with a suitable name. For example the ‘TabCouch’ got its name through a contest.

A Gecko Cover = created by real people

Nowadays, virtually everything is made by machines. Our protective covers are not! Each protective cover is handmade. Humans take care of all the steps in the production process. From cutting the material to stitching the seams, and all this with utmost precision.

Before a Gecko Cover leaves the factory, it has been checked for irregularities; a possible scratch in the leather, glue residue on the inside and whether the magnetic closure works properly. We filter out the mistakes, so you receive a perfect product. Should you still receive a protective cover with a defect, no problem; we’ll gladly send you a new one! After all, to err is human.

A gift to receive

We ourselves are avid online shoppers, and we know that you like to receive your order as soon as possible. If we have received your payment before 17.00 hrs on work days, your protective cover will be shipped the same day.

To protect your order during transport in the best possible way, it is well packed. We designed our packaging ourselves too, with the aim of delivering your cover in perfect condition. We know how disappointing it can be to receive a rumpled order.

Hopefully you are just as enthusiastic about our products as we are, and you bestow yourself or someone else a Gecko Cover!

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