Covers for the Kobo Touch 2.0

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Gecko Covers protection case

Kobo has become one of the biggest players on the e-reader field. After expanding their Kobo Aura-series, they will now come with a new Kobo Touch, the Kobo Touch 2.0. The new Touch 2.0 will be available from September. Compared to the Kobo Touch, this new device has an improved design and a better battery.

Protect your Kobo Touch 2.0 with a Gecko case

An e-reader is usually a costly and vulnerable device. Repairing an e-reader or only its screen can be very expensive. A small accident can easily happen and if you are unlucky, after only one drop your e-reader is broken. Prevent damage to your tablet by using a Kobo Touch 2.0 cover. This way you avoid having to pay high costs for repairing your e-reader.

Gecko Design

We, from Gecko Covers, are always busy optimizing our covers. Gecko takes great care in creating the best designs. On top of that, unlike most other brands, our cases are hand made. At this moment we offer a luxe cover for the Kobo Touch in several colors black, brown and blue.

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