Camera bags and cases for Samsung Galaxy Cameras

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The Samsung Galaxy Camera is an interesting development in the world of gadgets. It’s the tendency to design smart phones with very high-res cameras nowadays, but the Samsung Galaxy Camera reverses the situation: the camera gets more and more functionalities that your smartphone also has. One of the biggest advantages of this camera is that you can store and share your photos quickly. Because the Samsung Galaxy Camera runs on Android, it is very easy to use for people that are used to Android devices. In fact, this camera can do anything your smartphone can, except for making phone calls. The separation between smartphones and cameras seems to disappear with this camera. The first Samsung Galaxy Camera was released in 2012, and Samsung has already launched a new model: the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 (CG200).

Gecko Covers offers two different ways to protect your Samsung Galaxy Camera 2. The first way is with our soft-case, which fits your camera like a glove. This case protects your camera from dust, scratches, and other damage. The second way of protecting your camera is with our tailor-made bag for Samsung Galaxy Camera 2. You can safely take your camera with you anywhere you go if you use this bag. The bag includes an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can customize the bag to your wishes.

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